Website Redesign

Is your Website Working as Hard as you do?

Succeeding online is no longer about simply having a business website, although it remains the cornerstone of a good digital strategy. Your website can be your hardest working member of staff, but all too often its asleep on the job. Together, we can awake this sleeping GIANT, and take your business to the next level...or several levels beyond that.

Get a New Website in 10 days

Your website

Our Website Redesign process

Step 1

Once we have reviewed your website, we will contact you to setup an initial one hour online consultation call to discuss your sitemap architecture requirements, user experience and conversion planning goals.

Step 2

After the initial call, a proposal will be e-mailed to you, with a price based on the complexity and redesign requirements for your website. Once agreed, you will need to provide your website assets, branding, content and images to include on your new website. 

Step 3

A new website will be built in WordPress within 10 days of receiving your content.

Step 4

Google analytics tracking will be setup for ongoing conversion monitoring. There is no obligation for ongoing maintenance, but should you need these services then please review our ongoing maintenance packages.